In 2012, Piper Ruiz opened Pink Buffalo Racing. She and her team produce running and walking events in Oregon. In addition to Pink Buffalo race management, Piper has been involved in the production of over 600 events during her career as a timer and announcer with Eclectic Edge Racing since 2011. 

Piper launched Pink Buffalo Paint and Sip in 2015. She teaches painting with acrylic on canvas at her art studio at 222 Polk Street in Eugene.  She has been painting for 19 years.

Piper helps people shape a vision to turn their passions into meaningful and profitable work. She shows her clients how to make gentle shifts in their lives that lead to astounding lifestyle changes, increased income, a sense of freedom and personal development.  

She offers practical tools and intuitive training for people who are interested in manifesting their potential. With her abounding enthusiasm, she celebrates entrepreneurs with optimism and excitement for their adventures.

It all started in California in 1998...