You can transfer your entry to another person through 12/11 at 11:59 pm. Click on the register button and then click on the transfer button. The new person fills out the form and pays the $10 Transfer Fee.

* Entry must be transferred through online registration link - giving your race bib to someone else to wear is prohibited and affects age group results. Please practice integrity by not giving your bib with your name on it to someone to wear.
* If new registrant is increasing in distance she/he will pay the entry fee difference at packet pick up. If she/he is decreasing in distance, please note that no partial refunds, transfers, credits or discounts will be given.
* If a shirt was purchased, the new registrant can pick up the original registrant's shirt and can exchange it on the for sale rack at packet pick up.
* The race director does not handle money exchanges between racers, nor issues refunds or deferrals for future years or future events.

* Can only be transferred once
* Must be transferred by deadline 
* Can only be transferred to someone else for the event for which you are registered (same year)


No refunds. No deferrals. No exceptions. Once you have completed the registration process you will not receive a refund if you do not participate. There are no deferrals for future events or years. When you registered online, you clicked a box agreeing to this policy. Paper entry forms also disclose this policy and by signing the form, you agreed to it.

Anybody pacing someone else MUST register for the event. Do not run/walk the race without registering. This includes people who only want to pace for part of the course and people who don't care about a finish time. Anyone participating in the event must register.