Parking at Silvan Ridge & Sweet Cheeks Winery


Parking is available at Sweet Cheeks and Silvan Ridge and shuttles will leave from both locations at 6:35 am and 7:15 am to go to the start line at Noble Estate Winery. There is no parking for racers or spectators at the start. 


When you click the link, "NO" means the racer opted out of a shuttle ride and will find her/his own transportation to the start line.

The 7:15 shuttles are 100% full. Please do not email asking if we can move you to the 7:15 departure. We will start the race at 8 am at Noble Estate Winery, so please plan accordingly. You can be dropped off at Vineyards at Gimpl Hill, which is the driveway east of Noble Estate Winery. 

There will be a drop bag service at the start line. You can wear your jacket and use one of our bags or bring your own. We will transport your belongings to the finish area. You can pick up your bag with Trinity at the Results Tent.

The finish line is at Sweet Cheeks Winery. Participants can get dropped off at the start line and run to the finish line, where their cars are parked. There is a round-a-bout just east of Noble Estate Winery called Vineyards at Gimpl Hill. If you plan to be dropped off at the round-a-bout, please be ready to jump out of the vehicle, as we need to keep traffic flowing and the round-a-bout clear. There are no parking spots available for participants or spectators at the start line.

Racers who park at Silvan Ridge can walk to their cars from the finish line after they finish. We recommend you arrive early to get a spot at Sweet Cheeks!

Drop Off at Vineyards at Gimpl Hill next to Noble Estate Winery