Entry into Four 2019 Half Marathon Races 

Pink Buffalo Race Series Training Shirt
Series Medal Upon Completion of 4 Half Marathon Races in 2019
Framed Series Certificate with Your Races and Times
Awards Reception in December Honoring Half Series Participants

VIP Facebook Page to Connect w/ Other Series Participants

Pink Buffalo Bumper Sticker

Switch Events in the Series (When you register for all 4 at the same time, if you can't participate in the ones you are registered for, you can switch to different halfs in 2019)

Up to 2 Free Transfers $20 Value (To Other People in 2019)*

*Valid only for 2019 by Transfer Deadline, must be for same race as registered

Pink Buffalo Race Series Training Shirt

1 Transfer/Deferral to Another Race in 2019

Series Medal Upon Completion of 4 Half Marathon Races in 2019

Framed Series Certificate with Your Races and Times

Awards Reception in December Honoring Half Series Participants
Pink Buffalo Bumper Sticker
VIP Facebook Page to Connect w/ Other Series Participants

When do I receive my shirt, sticker and series medal for 2019?
Shirt & Bumper Sticker: At Your First Race of the Year, ask for it when you pick up your race bib.

Series Medal: December 2019 at the awards ceremony. (Date TBA)

Do I have to register individually for each race?
When you register for the series package, you choose all 4 races you want to participate in. You have the option of buying each event's tech shirt when registering for the series. Women's and men's shirts will be available for purchase.

Logos are shown at the top of this page. You choose 4 events. If you choose a race for which you cannot participate and you pay for your races up front, you may transfer up to 2 entries to another person or for yourself for another half marathon in 2019. Transfers are only available for 2019 races. Please do not ask for an exception for 2020 and beyond.

Do I get a finisher medal for each half marathon I finish?
Oh, yeah! We love celebrating you. You'll get the finisher medal at the finish line of each races and at the end of the series. We host the awards ceremony for half marathon series finishers in December each year where we present the plaques, medallions and provide refreshments.

Can I order event shirts when I register online for the series?

Yes! If you registered online and want to add a shirt, email Piper (you'll get her contact info when you register for the series) and ask if you can add a shirt. If it's before the shirt deadline, you'll likely be able to add a shirt to your order. 

Is there a Facebook group where I can connect with other series runners & walkers?

Yes! We will send you an invitation to join the group after you register.

Is there a training program for the series?

We recommendJoe's Team.

Not able or trained up to race one of the half marathons?

You can choose a different race in the series or drop down to a shorter distance at the following events. Just email Piper prior to the race day that you will not be attending with the name of the new race you want to run/walk. 

Do I get the series medal even if I don't complete all the half marathons?
The series medal will be given to individuals who complete 4 half marathons (or more) in the annual series. If you drop down in distance or transfer your entries, you will not have completed all 4 half marathons in the series, therefore, no.

Can I switch from the half marathon distance to a shorter distance?
Yes, you can! Just email Piper at Piper@PinkBuffaloRacing.com prior to race day or let the Eclectic Edge Racing timer know on race day before the race starts.

Can I use buffalo chips/volunteer credits toward the series?

Yes! Email Piper@PinkBuffaloRacing.com. She will email you a custom discount code.

Is there a minimum age requirement to participate?

Yes, all half marathon series participants must be at least 15 years old.

Cancellation Policy
You can choose the pay-as-you-go option above if you prefer to compete in the series and pay for the races individually. In an effort to keep our policies consistent across the board for everyone, we cannot grant refunds, deferrals to future years or exceptions. 

We are actively practicing asking for exceptions less in life and we encourage you to do the same! Cheers to personal development!

Questions? Call Piper Ruiz at 541.731.3507!


Frequently Asked Questions